Saving of the Day

from Corvidae by Myshkin's Ruby Warblers



Couldn’t get around wouldn’t get around to it
The saving of the day
Blame it on the pounding through the wall
The race the climb the fall
Blame it on the difference in the sound of it
The miracle of death
Losing of respect
Missiles in their nests
Birds bound to their cliffs

Couldn’t get around or even leave the ground of it
Like looking at a wall, and all you see is wall
Not the toeholds in it, chinks to make it break and fall
Couldn’t get across all the goddamned loss of it
What were the first years like? I always feel your hand in mine
On aeroplanes

A mattress on the porch, then a leash that grew too short
When did we decide we could decide each other’s course?

Couldn’t get, wouldn’t get around to it
The saving of the day

Couldn’t get around, wouldn’t get around you
Once you were there
A mountain in the steamy delta air
Impossible to see, you were so fair
Couldn’t get across how you were boss of it
You seemed so fair to me
All until I could not breathe
For the buzzing of the bees

What was it like before that, was it still some subtle war, that?
When did I begin exhibiting signs and bedsores

Couldn’t get around, wouldn’t get around to it
The saving of the day


from Corvidae, released June 1, 2004


all rights reserved



Myshkin Warbler Joshua Tree, California

Myshkin and an ever-evolving crew of restless gamblers—string, horn, drum, key, and and wave players. Passions range from tango to electronica, folk-noir to gypsy-swing to modern classical to rocknroll. Literate & spooky. Myshkin mostly plays guitars. When warm, she sings like a shiver down your chakras. Like a heart breaking all wide open. Like one in utter control of uncontrollable things. ... more

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