For Mimi in Jail

from Corvidae by Myshkin's Ruby Warblers



Brave as you were, you will only get braver
Just as colors ring and deepen in the dusk
Keep out an ear for the wild voice inside you
As you sit up steeping in the city’s musk

Narrow the walls, the locked walls that surround you
While they’re taking your time for breaking their rules
But wide is the sky and it’s all hidden inside you
Like a file in a pie, starry dome of your mind

And don’t mind the doubt and keep to your council
Don’t you worry about all that wasted time
‘Cause day in day out with your hands tied behind you
You touch more than you see, you are working our way free

And narrow the path it is wished we would follow
Looking neither up nor down
Enlightened horizon or dim bloody hollow just swallow, just swallow
But wide is the sky, and it’s all hidden inside you
Unexplored, unconfined, starry dome of your mind


from Corvidae, released June 1, 2004


all rights reserved



Myshkin Warbler Joshua Tree, California

Myshkin and an ever-evolving crew of restless gamblers—string, horn, drum, key, and and wave players. Passions range from tango to electronica, folk-noir to gypsy-swing to modern classical to rocknroll. Literate & spooky. Myshkin mostly plays guitars. When warm, she sings like a shiver down your chakras. Like a heart breaking all wide open. Like one in utter control of uncontrollable things. ... more

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